A world without hunger and malnutrition

Food and Nutrition Security

Access to good nutrition is a prerequisite for economic growth and sustainable development. This must be a collective ambition by all stakeholders. More must be done to achieve zero hunger and malnutrition. WorldFed helps reach more people with better nutrition through co-creating food solutions that are appropriate, acceptable and sustainable. 

What is WorldFed

WorldFed is not an NGO, not an institution or a social business. WorldFed is an ambition, a drive to contribute to a world with less hunger and less malnutrition. How? By raising awareness and bringing ideas on the agenda, by encouraging leadership and getting people at the table, and by fostering action thropugh inclusive busines solutions. 

Who is WorldFed

Paulus Verschuren has worked for both the public and private sector for over 30 years. He has connected agriculture - food - nutrition - health, and helped build viable partnerships that served the poor. He now continues his efforts by getting people and organisations at the table to jointy develop and implement new approached that make sense for the business and society. 

From social obligation and business opportunity.....

Focus is on positioning nutrition in the agri-food environment in which viable business solutions better respond to what low-income consumers need and want for their nourishment 

....towards social business interventions addressing food and nutrition security

Involvement of the private sector is instrumental to ensure that social and local economic development makes societies more self-reliant and people better nourished. 

Food and Nutrition Security

Food and nutrition security is achieved if adequate food is available, accessible, affordable, and aspirational for all people at all times to live a healthy and happy life. WorldFed is committed to contribute to such a global food and nutrition security. 

Paulus Verschuren is former Special Envoy for Food and Nutrition Security for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, former Director of Unilever Global Health Partnerships, and former Executive Director of ILSI Europe. Today he is NXD of CABI, Board Member of ATNF and chairs several advisory committees.